What is a car window regulator?

A car window regulator is a process when power is supplied to it it allows your car window to move up and down. Power is either supplied to an electric motor or to a manual motor. Window regulators are located on the car’s door. Not only the window regulator can be changed or repaired but also its motor. These are very beneficial as you can replace window regulator and motor easily.

What does a car window regulator do

A window car regulator allows the basic function of rolling your car window up or down. The car door comprises of a handle that has a button on it. If the button is pressed, the car window rolls down and if it is pulled up by your finger, it is rolled up again. There are different window regulators for each side of the car door.

Replacing car window regulator

If due to some problem the car's window regulator has stopped working, you may need to replace it. As the window regulator is present in the door of the car, you will need to open it. It is to be only performed by a professional otherwise it may lead to other problems. The door is removed from the car, its interior is opened. The window regulator is taken out by removing its attached wires. After it is removed, a new window regulator is attached in its place. Its cables are joined and when it is done. The door is attached back to the car and the window regulator is checked for its proper working.

How to know if the window regulator is gone bad

If you are facing any of the below problems, it means your window regulator has gone bad:

  • If your window makes a scratching sound when rolling upward or downward.
  • If the window gets stuck halfway in the middle.
  • If its button is not working.
  • If it takes multiple tries to roll your window up or down.
  • If there is a variation in its rolling speed.
  • If the window regulator’s power is no longer working properly; it may make the closed window fall down by itself which may be very dangerous.

Always keep a good eye on your window regulator’s working for your efficient and safe driving.

Parts of a window regulator

A window regulator comprises of the following parts:

  • Window motor gearbox
  • Wiring connector
  • Power window motor

Its parts may differ according to its rear or back window regulator.

Repair your power window motor

If your window regulator does not have serious problems, its powerful motor can be repaired. It is to be only repaired by professional mechanics otherwise it may lead to other technical problems. Any problems in the motor case can be easily repaired rather it be plastic or rubber. Even the damaged cables can be repaired with proper technique. Repairing is more economical rather than replacing your window motor whenever facing a minor inconvenience.

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