List of Art Supplies Every Artist Needs

Being an artist, you would definitely know how important good quality art supplies are to create a remarkable art piece. But finding the good-quality supplies out of so many options is a challenging task.

What if you don’t need to experience the same problem repeatedly? Yes! That is possible only if you order the wholesale art supplies from a reliable and quality-trusted place.

Professional artists always purchase art supplies in bulk so they would get finished in the middle of their essential artwork. It would be a great hassle to place an order and wait for the delivery when you don’t have much time left.

If you are a beginner or it’s your first time thinking about buying the art supplies in bulk, a few things should be on your must-buy list!

1. Sketchbook and Art Paper

Paper is the essential thing in the artwork so you can convert your imagination into an actual painting. The sketchbook and art papers are used extensively to practice and improve their skills.

Art papers are not ordinary papers. These are specially designed papers that differ in quality and composition from a normal paper. Make sure that you always have a few extra bundles of these papers in your storage.

2. Graphite Pencils

Regardless of the artwork type, whether painting or sketching, graphite pencils are always required. These graphite pencils are pretty similar to the normal lead pencils but vary in hardness as the firm, hard, hard black, and black.

These pencils are used for shading, sketching, and drawing applications. You don’t need to have an extensive collection of these pencils; just a box of required pencils is fine.

3. Art Brushes

Here come another art essential “art brushes.” The brushes are needed to carry the paint to the paper. The art brushes are of many different types and are used for multiple purposes.

A brush seems to be a simple item, but in actuality, the quality of the brush significantly affects the artwork. If you are habituated /comfortable using a specific brand of brushes, buy them in bulk so you don’t need to find the same product again and again.

4. Paints and Pallet

How can your art supplies be complete without paint colors? Playing with colors is art. Colors are like weapons to win the art game.

Did you ever think about why everyone’s artwork is so versatile when they use the same colors? Well, it’s the way to your expression and quality of colors that make every artwork different.

Based on different artwork types, various color categories are used;

  • Watercolors
  • Pencil color
  • Oil paints
  • Acrylic paints and many more

Colors are not only a must-needed item but also used in high amounts. So, make sure to purchase a complete color range of your favorite brand in bulk.

However, the pallet doesn’t need much consideration you just need to select the appropriate size according to requirement. Wood is most commonly used material in pallets as it can dry quickly and didn’t let the colors to mix and spread much.

5. Supplies Box or Bag Pack

While making the list of must-needed art supplies, don’t forget to purchase a box or bag to carry and store all your accessories. To carry the art supplies, specifically designed bags and boxes are available. So, ensure to get one that accommodates all your accessories safely.


The list of art supplies will never end, but here we have described a few fundamental and must-have items. Make sure to purchase these items and order them in bulk to save your time, energy, and money.

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