A Guide for Buying Packs Using FUT Coins for You

The FIFA Ultimate Team coins are used in various ways in the FIFA game. You can use them to buy better players, earn more coins after buying at a low price, and selling when high, buying training coins and packs. The FIFA game has several activities you can participate in, like squad battles and get free FUT coins. Also, you can buy them from buying sites depending on the need you want to meet. You buy gaming packs at least once using FUT coins, but you have to do it at the right time and identify the best pack to buy. In this post, we discuss the guide for buying packs using FUT coins.

A Guide for Buying Packs Using FUT Coins

Packs help introduce cards into a FIFA game. You can buy the packs using coins or FIFA points earned in the game. There are three categories of packs; regular, promo, and free. The regular pack is always available in the FUT store, and you must have enough virtual currency to purchase it. The promo pack is also available in the store but at specific times in the year, like during special offers or promotion events. Lastly, the free pack is not available in the store; instead, players are given as rewards.

1. Process of buying packs using FUT coins

There are two payment methods when buying packs. You can pay using FIFA coins or points, but most gamers use coins. Visit your preferred FUT store website to access the store. If you already have details of the pack you need, go direct and select it. If you don't know the ideal pack, the store provides details of all the available packs, so browse through the site to make the proper selection. Also, most stores have a 'my pack' folder that contains unopened packs that you can claim.

2. Which are the best packs to buy?

Packs vary, and your needs influence the one you choose. For example, if you want to form a bronze squad, go for the bronze pack or the consumable pack if you need more consumables. Suppose you want the best cards, it's advisable to choose the gold pack which is also the most expensive. In addition., you can pick the pack with the lowest price per card. To identify it, take the cost of the pack and divide it with the number of cards available inside.

3. Which is the best time to buy packs?

The cost of packs differs depending on factors like events, promos, and season. It's advisable to buy packs during promos since the promo packs are sold at a lower cost than regular packs. Promotional packs are made available in every FUT event on specific days and times. However, it isn't easy to know when they will be available in the store, but you can check in regularly to avoid missing them. Note that these packs are few during the first and last months of the year.


FUT coins come in handy in buying your preferred pack. The packs are beneficial in the game, and identifying the right one is vital. Locate the best days to purchase a pack, especially on promo days, spend fewer FUT coins, and keep the rest. Follow the FUT store website guide for pack buying, ensuring you select the appropriate paying method that is FUT coins or points.

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