What Are The Things To Avoid While Wearing A Human Hair Wig?

Human Hair Wig

Many wigs, such as the honey blonde wig, have recently come up. The many wigs in existence offer people an excellent chance to change hair looks without making any permanent changes to the natural hair. But if not careful, sometimes incorrectly wearing a wig can lead to hair damage or loss. In addition, sometimes, the wearing of wigs is done as a protective means to the hair. Therefore, it is essential to establish a healthy human hair routine. Below are six things to avoid while wearing a human hair wig.

Six things to avoid while wearing a human hair wig

1. Do not avoid washing the human hair wig

Washing, shampooing, and conditioning the human hair wig is an essential part of hair maintenance. Avoiding the maintenance process can lead to the accumulation of bacterial and dirt on the wig. The accumulation of dirt on the wig may lead to an itchy scalp. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly wash your wig and scalp to remove any bacteria or dirt.

2. Avoid wearing incorrect size wigs

As a wig wearer, you should know that wigs come in different sizes; that is, not all sizes fit in one. Thus, before wearing a wig, it is essential to make sure that the wig size fits your head size. Too tight human hair wigs can lead to hair breakage or loss around the head perimeter. If you do not know your head wig size, you can ask a wig stylist to measure your head and inform you of your correct size.

3. Avoid using adhesive as often as possible

Adhesives are not suitable for your hair. But if you have a particular style in mind that requires you to use it, ensure that you use only a tiny amount. Minimal use of adhesive in your hair can protect your hair hairline from breakage or loss.

4. Avoid using incorrect conditioner and shampoo

The human hair wigs have a particular conditioner and shampoo that they use. High ph shampoos and conditioners can contribute to your wig's damage. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid using regular hair shampoo on your wig as it can lead to damage.

5. Avoid human hair wigs that do allow your hair to breathe

Airflow to and from the scalp is very crucial. Therefore, while buying a wig, ensure you get one that allows for unrestricted airflow. Wigs, especially those with lace fronts, allow for breathability to be possible. Human hair wigs that do not allow for breathability may eventually be uncomfortable during some seasons, such as hot seasons.

6. Avoid materials that encourage scalp irritation

Some human hair wigs are made of materials that can cause irritations to your scalp. Therefore, if you know you have a sensitive scalp, it is crucial to avoid such materials. Furthermore, sensitive skin to some materials can lead to burning, itching, and excessive scalp tenderness.


Maintaining a healthy hair routine while wearing your human hair wig is crucial. Therefore, if you fail to watch your human hair wig routine properly, some damage may be present in your hair. The above elements are vital to avoid to ensure a healthy scalp and a long human hair wig life span.

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