Things Every Woman Should Know About Brazilian Hair

Over the years, Brazilian hair has gained a lot of popularity. This is primarily because of its luxurious texture and impeccable versatility. Regardless of its popularity, it is wise to note that Brazilian hair is quite rare. This write-up focuses on everything women must know about Brazilian hair.

What is Brazilian hair?

As the name suggests, Brazilian hair is sourced from the natives of Brazil. Brazilian hair makes the best wigs and hair extensions. African American women popularly wear Brazilian hair because of its incredible characteristics, discussed in the next section.

Characteristics of Brazilian hair

The following are some defining characteristics of Brazilian hair;

1. Texture

Brazilian hair is usually very smooth and soft. It also comes in a wide range of patterns. The most common patterns are wavy, straight, and curly hair. However, it is worth noting that straight Brazilian hair is not usually 100% straight. It tends to have light waves. Regardless of the straight pattern, this hair is usually easy to style. Also, Brazilian hair tends to hold curls for an entire day. The ethnic hair texture of Brazilian hair allows it to blend well with natural hair, especially where hair extensions are involved.

2. Thickness

Brazilian hair is one of the thickest types of hair in existence. Its thickness makes it bouncy and voluminous. Despite being thick, Brazilian hair is not usually as heavy as other thick hairs, like Malaysian hair.

3. Styling versatility

Another excellent quality of Brazilian hair is that it allows you to style it in many ways. This is because Brazilian weaves come in various styles (curly, wavy, and straight). Straight Brazilian hair is more popular because it offers more styling versatility.

4. Color

Natural Brazilian hair is usually dark brown or brunette. However, since Brazilian hair is natural or real human hair, you can dye it as you like. This hair tends to hold color well. It also maintains its softness and healthy appearance even when it is dyed. This also allows you to experiment with new looks and colors.

5. Strength

Brazilian hair is also quite strong. It can withstand the use of dye and other hair treatments. However, it is not strong enough to withstand constant heat and chemical processing.

Benefits of Brazilian hair

The following are some reasons why Brazilian hair is as popular as it is:

  • The hair does not tangle easily. This is especially the case if it is properly maintained
  • Brazilian hair is naturally soft, hence easy to comb
  • It holds curls well
  • It can withstand coloring and holds color properly
  • It comes in a variety of styles
  • It is excellent for African-American women because of its texture and thickness
  • It blends well with natural hair


The rarety of Brazilian hair makes it one of the most expensive types of human hair on the market. It is also worth mentioning that some hair vendors usually place the “label virgin human hair” on steamed curly Indian hair. This is why you may find some cheap Brazilian hair bundles. However, real Brazilian hair is usually very costly.

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