As a first-time hot tub owner, there’s a high possibility of you having difficulties choosing the right acrylic hot tub. If you make mistakes while buying, it could cost you disappointment and irritation at the end of the day.

This is why this list was compiled, to show you the top mistakes that every rookie got tub owner should avoid to save money, time, and energy.

Hot Tub Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

1. Not knowing why you’re buying it

With the different brands and models in the market, it can be quite difficult to choose the best one you need. That’s why you should endeavor to define the particular reason why you’re purchasing your hot tub. Oftentimes, people hot tubs for the following reasons:

  • For relaxation
  • To relieve pains
  • For entertainment and bonding with family and friends

Defining which of the purpose you want to fulfill with your hot tub helps you to have specific features and choices that you can look out for in your ideal hot tub.

2. Focusing on the Initial Cost

One major mistake that most people make regularly is to place focus on the purchase price of the hot tub. This, they often do without thinking about the future costs that may occur. While it isn’t bad to focus on the purchase price, but making it your point of emphasis can make you spend more money than you should along the way.

The long-term costs have a huge role to play. They include the cost of running and maintenance of the hot tub.

3. Not Prepping Location or Space

One of the most tasking to do is finding the perfect spot in your home to install the hot tub. If this isn’t taking care of, you may find out that the hot tub you purchase can’t fit into space your preserved for it. This is why you should ensure that you sort of location or space before shopping for a hot tub.

How do you do this? By measuring the available space in your home. This way, you will be able to choose only hot tubs that can perfectly fit within the space. You can consult an expert to help you with the measurement.

4. Buying From the Wrong Supplier

This is probably the worst mistake that any newbie will make. This would ensure that you’re buying from a reputable dealer. If the dealer isn’t honest, your buying experience can be ruined in the process.

That’s why the person you’re buying from should be one of the first things to consider. How many positive reviews have they gotten from their past clients? Are they reputable? These and many more questions will ensure that you don’t get disappointed after purchase.

In case you find it hard choosing a good dealer, you can ask your family or friends who are hot tub owners to recommend for you.


Purchasing a new hot tub can be quite an exciting process. This is why you should make sure that your happiness is sustained by ensuring that you only make wise decisions.


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