How To Keep Your Knives Arranged in The Kitchen

Kitchen Safety is an important virtue that should be present in every kitchen. It involves taking preventive and protective measures to ensure that a kitchen is a safe place. Some of the preventive and protective measures entailed in this article include proper storage of kitchen knives and more. When considering kitchen safety, an important quality is the use of quality materials.

This article highlights how to ensure kitchen safety by properly arranging your kitchen knives. Looking for quality and durable materials to use in arranging your kitchen knives properly without compromising on kitchen safety? You can buy it on

How To Ensure Kitchen Safety By Properly Storing And Arranging Your Kitchen Knives.

There are four ways to store your kitchen knives while adding to the kitchen’s aesthetics. They are:

  1. Using magnetic wall strips.
  2. Using Countertop slots or docks
  3. Under a cabinet.
  4. Using drawer docks.

Magnetic Wall Strips

This tool exists in a variety of materials like stainless steel, quartz, and wood. It also comes in different shapes and sizes. It is characterized by a magnetic bar and is suitable for storing different varieties of knives.

Advantages of magnetic wall strips

  • It is safe and convenient for storing knives.
  • It keeps the knife’s blade sharp and damage-free.
  • It allows you to view all cutting options in one glance.
  • It can be installed anywhere in the kitchen.

Factors to consider when acquiring a magnetic wall strip

  • Ensure the magnet is trying enough to hold the knife firmly without the knife slipping, but not too strong.
  • Ensure the length of the wall strip is right to contain all your cutting tools.

Countertop Docks

This tool is a knife block or dock that sits on the counter, they can either come with knives, or without knives, and are mostly made from wood. It comes in three designs, namely: diagonal block, vertical block, and magnetized blocks.


  • It can be kept close to your working area for quick and easy access.


  • Ensure the slot are perfect fits to avoid damaging the blades.
  • The design should be chosen with the available space for storage.

Under A Cabinet Storage

These tools are great for stroking knives because just like the magnetic block they help maximize space. They exist in two styles:

  • A block attached to a swivel: It is mounted under a cabinet and is designed to spin to grant access to the knives.
  • A hinged dock with a drawer-like enclosure designed to open up, revealing the knives.

Drawer Docks

This involves storing the knives in a drawer, the knives are seated and stored in docks inside a drawer alongside other kitchen cutlery.


  • Ensure the in-drawer slots fits different knife sizes.
  • Ensure the in drawer’s measurement suits the capacity it is intended for.
  • Consider storing the knives on their spine, to avoid dulling the blades.


In conclusion, these are the most common and efficient ways of storing your kitchen knives properly. Any other storage method either dulls or damages your knife’s edges, or compromises your kitchen's safety.

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