Features of the Best Pressure Washer to Buy

You need a pressure washer to get rid of old stains, siding mold, and grime on your home. You have the option of purchasing or renting a pressure washer. In any case, you need to choose the best pressure washer that suits your home. First, you need to determine the amount of cleaning power required and whether to use a gas or electric engine. Secondly, you need to get a professional or residential model that is easy to use and within your budget limits. You need to Know more about pressure washer machines. These are the important things you should consider when choosing a pressure washer.

Cleaning Power

You can find different pressure washer machines rated in PSI, GPM, or ECU. There is a need to understand these terms and what they imply. GPM means gallons per minute, whereas PSI refers to pounds per square inch. PSI and GPM imply the amount of pressure and volume of water the unit is capable of delivering, respectively. ECU or effective cleaning unit is a result of multiplication of PSI and GPM.

When you purchase a pressure washer with a high PSI rating, it means you get more cleaning power. However, a high GPM rating implies faster cleaning. Remember that getting more power is not always necessary. Make sure you determine the amount of cleaning power you need.

Electric vs. Gas

If you need to do small jobs that are near a power outlet, then you should get an electric pressure washer. Ideally, a unit with 1,400 PSI is recommended. You can also find cheaper, lighter, and quieter options to get rid of stains off your furniture or cleaning your car. Most pressure washers that are powered by gas engines deliver PSI of over 2,000. These are suitable for heavy-duty and medium-duty jobs.

Cold Water vs. Hot Water

If you want to get rid of dirt, sand, and mud, you should consider getting cold water units. However, if you want to clean greasy and oily surfaces, you should get how water pressure washer. That is because it is designed for complex cleaning jobs.

Professional or Consumer

A consumer pressure washer is meant for occasional use. You can also find a professional model designed for continuous use. There are models that come with an automatic detergent injection ad can be connected with accessories such as surface cleaners, rotating nozzles, sandblast attachments, and wands.


You need to be careful when choosing a nozzle because it dictates the direction of the spray. If you have a smaller opening, then you will get a concentrated spray. Pressure washer units with low PSI have adjustable nozzles. The good thing about an adjustable nozzle is that it allows you to alter the spray as you clean.

Standard pressure washer units have color-coded spray nozzles. The color indicates the angle of the spray. For instance, the red nozzle denotes a zero-degree spray. This type of nozzle is meant to be used on concrete surfaces. You should avoid using it on softer surfaces as it can peel off paint. The yellow nozzle delivers a 15-degree spray that is suitable for cleaning mildew, paint, and stains.

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