Difference Between Human Hair Wigs And Synthetic Hair Wigs

Wigs exist in a variety of types, textures, and labels; finding cheap wigs can be both confusing and interesting. Considering the differences between Human Hair and synthetic wigs is essential when choosing the best wig that is perfect for you. Here are the differences between human hair and synthetic wigs. This article can assist you in spotting the appropriate items while wig buying, allowing you to take the greatest decision possible.

Human Hair Wigs

These wigs can give the most natural appearance, which is a fundamental distinction between both types of wigs. The Human Hair wigs are silky and shiny, with movement, which is difficult to achieve synthetically.

Human Hair Wigs’ Benefits


Because of the many varieties of Human Hair wigs available, you can select a texture, which perfectly matches your real hair.


It can be trimmed, styled and dyed in the same way as natural hair can. If you would like to dye your wig, you should take it to a hairstylist who is familiar with handling human hair wigs.

Lasting Period

If worn on a daily basis, Human hair wigs could last for one year or even more if properly cared.

Natural Appearance

Human hair wigs could feel and look extremely natural.

Human Hair Wigs' Constraints

Intensive Care

These wigs are like natural hair, require a lot of care. They must be rinsed, combed and styled on a regular basis. If treated frequently using heated hair styling equipment or given rigorous combing, the hair would get damaged.


Because these wigs are created from natural hair, they are usually more costly.

Variability of Colour

It is difficult to have exact colours on the whole wig because each includes hair from many persons.

Fading of Colour

Light exposure can cause colour loss in human hair wigs.

Effects of Temperature

These wigs respond to the temperature in the same way that actual hair does. Certainly, wet weather will make hair frizzy.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

The real look of wigs made up of Human hair is one of the key differences between both types of wigs, human hair and synthetic hair wig. However, synthetic hair wigs have advanced a long way over the years. In certain situations, the quality and fineness are almost identical to that of actual hair!

Synthetic Hair Wigs’ Benefits

These wigs are simple to clean and offer a useful feature called "style retention." People can brush the wig, and then it will magically recover to its original style!


When it comes to the difference between synthetic and human hair wigs, the ability of a synthetic wig to keep its look no matter what the temperature is the most important factor to consider. There will be no stray hair!


Synthetic wigs come in a limitless variety of colours, from realistic to artistic, crazy to beautiful!


Synthetic hair wigs are cheaper than human hair wigs base on the material quality.

Little Care

Because the hair is synthetic, it requires lesser maintenance than actual hair. Synthetic wigs should be washed after 6-8 wears in most cases.

Synthetic Hair Wigs’ Constraints

Shiny Look

A synthetic hair wig of good quality can seem as natural as a wig made of human hair. Synthetic wigs that are heat-friendly are much less shiny as compare to regular synthetic wigs, making them appear more natural.


Synthetic wigs are less lasting as compared to human hair wigs; therefore, you may discover that you'll have to change your wig quite regularly using synthetic wigs.

Less Versatile

Synthetic wigs are less versatile because they can't get styled with heated hair styling equipment unless they are particularly heat-friendly. Such wigs could only be styled in the style that they already have.

Can't be Recoloured

Recolouring synthetic wigs aren’t encouraged, so pick a colour you'll want to keep.


A synthetic hair wig can get fuzzy with time.

Bottom Line

Now you understand the fundamental differences between synthetic and real hair wigs; you can easily make an intelligent selection about which is best for you. During the wig-buying adventure, locate the ideal wig and make sure you've analysed every variance among Human Hair and Synthetic hair wigs.

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