A good chef knife could be used to cut fine steak slices in meals, but every professional kitchen should include a pair of steak knives as well. While cutting steaks, you won’t choose to use a chef knife, even if you’re arranging the dining table for an eight-person dinner party or arranging a single place dining in the living room. However, with a professional steak knife, you and your friends must be ready to savour delicious succulent steaks.

If you are looking for a set of steak knives, keep reading to find out how to select the finest steak knives for the kitchen depending on the style of blade, materials used, construction and maintenance.

The Best Steak Knife Purchasing Guidelines

Style of Blade

When it concerns purchasing a pair of steak knives in the kitchen, the blade design is the most crucial consideration. Steak knives are available with both serrated and non-serrated blades. A serrated knife features a scalloped edged blade, like a utility knife. A non-serrated knife possesses a straight-edged blade, like a paring knife.

Serrated Steak Knife

Serrated blades are widely used in bread knives and for slicing the hard exteriors and softer interiors of vegetables and fruits.

Their serrated edges readily cut the food’s hard covering without squeezing its delicate interior, making them ideal for such chores.

For almost the same purpose, many people prefer to slice steak. Its toothy, razor-sharp blades rip straight into the steak’s fibres. Additionally, as the knife’s full blade would never get into touch with the surface of a ceramic plate, they’re supposed to keep sharper for longer. As a consequence, the spaces between tooths remain sharp for a longer period.

If a serrated knife needs sharpening, it’s a difficult task to complete by yourself. Serrated knives should always be serviced by an expert.

Non-Serrated Steak Knife

Non-serrated knives with flat edges are preferred by many steak connoisseurs since they cut down beef without ripping the fibres or spilling the juices. The meat’s juicy interiors are more certain to wind up in the mouth than that on the plate if you use a non-serrated steak knife.

While non-serrated steak knives dull quicker than serrated knives, with the correct equipment, anyone can simply sharpen and hone by themselves.

The decision of which one to choose, serrated and non-serrated knives, are mostly based on individual taste and the willingness to maintain them.


Stainless or carbon steel are the two most common materials used to make blades of steak knives. Although the steak knife made of stainless steel requires less care, they become dull considerably faster than knives made from carbon steel. Knives of Carbon steel needs some care to maintain their blades appearing new; however, you’ll discover that they stay razor-sharp for much longer and can be easily sharpened and hone.

Pick steak knives made of carbon steel for keeping your knife set for a longer period, and be sure to clean the blades quickly after using it.


Concerning the construction of a steak knife, a lot is up to individual opinion. Select the colour and shape of the handle on your taste and preferences.

The most crucial feature to search for in a steak knife is that the handle and blade are made of one metal piece or two. A blade, which goes up into the handle of a steak knife, joins the two sections of the knife using one piece of carbon steel. As a result, the knife has a uniform weight and a significantly larger body.


Regardless of whatever set of steak knives you choose for the kitchen, proper maintenance will prolong the life of any kitchen utensils. Even though certain knife sets claim to be dishwasher friendly, it is still advisable to hand-wash them and completely dry the knives as soon as possible to reduce the amount of time they remain wet and avoid corrosion or discolouration. Knives should be safely kept on a knife rack.


Steak knives are an essential part of every knife set, and every kitchen should have one. You can purchase the best, high-quality steak knives by following the above buying suggestions. But remember to take good care of them if you plan on using them for a long time.


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