A Guide To Get The Best Garden Hose Reel

This is a quick guide to help you find the best garden hose reel. After all, it can be a daunting task to shuffle through the seemingly unlimited options available online. Even in an offline store, how can you find the right garden hose reel for you? Let’s take a good look at the aspects you need to consider:

1. The Material Quality

There isn’t a doubt that the quality of the material will directly impact the cost. PVC and other materials are cheaper but also easy to break. Stainless steel is often something that falls in the mid-range. It isn’t too costly or too weak. The material can withstand all the tools of the elements. Therefore, you can consider it.

If the material is resistant to corrosion, rust, and other elements, it is worth buying. But, remember, you need to look for the value for money, which comes from the material quality.

2. The Design Aspect

You might think that each hose reel seems similar. How can design impact it? The best garden hose reel would have a more seamless design. It would be easy to use and enable you to maintain a firm grip. The design also impacts the stability of the hose as you move it around, pull it, or retract it.

Correlatively, mounting or installation options depend strongly on the design of the hose reel. Can you install it on the ground, or the wall too? Again, all of this comes down to the design.

3. Capacity Of The Reel

The capacity of the reel depicts the length of the hose it can contain. If you can opt for a longer hose, the better. However, it shouldn’t be too big if you have a smaller garden. Just make sure that it can support the hose long enough to reach every nook and cranny.

As long as you meet that requirement, it will be good to go. However, the capacity might also determine the diameter of the hose you can upload. Some hoses are thicker or thinner, and it will impact the length as well. So, keep that in mind while trying to get the best garden hose reel.

4. Unique Features

Almost every brand in the world s attempting to bring you some unique feature with their garden hose reel. It can be a comfortable grip, seamless retraction, or easy maintenance. But, one way or another, you will have something better.

Check out the features that will fit your needs. For example, the best garden hose reel should quickly pull the hose from and retract when the job is done. Anything else is just a perk.


The ease of use and comfort come into play as per your preference. It applies to the color preferences, as well. You can get many hose reels that can blend with your garden or stand out. Either way, as long as you follow the above-given quick guide, you will get the best garden hose reel.

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