4 Different Types of Weaves for Different Occasions

For every lady, looking good is a priority and with the right hair, you are sure to achieve the perfect look. Ladies have come to realize this and that is why wholesale hair vendors make huge returns every year.

However, most ladies still find it difficult to choose the perfect weave to wear each time. You could go on for days wondering what choice of weave to make out of so many and most importantly, which of them would suit you best.

In this article, you will be taken through the various types of weaves you can rock with your human hair. This way, making a choice wouldn't be such a difficult task.

Different Types of Human Hair Weave

Each type of wig comes in various wave designs. It could be a tight curly, straight, or deep wave. It also comes in various colors to complement your skin tone and outfit.

1. Virgin Brazilian Hair

This is a very popular texture amongst African American women. It appears full and thick. Virgin Remy Brazilian hair contains neither chemicals nor artificial hair coloration.

It is quite durable and retains healthy cuticles even after prolonged use. Hence you do not need to worry about tanglings. It is also opulent and shines naturally even without applying extra hair products. It is a perfect option if you need your curls intact.

2. Virgin Peruvian Hair

The Peruvian hair is most desirable because of its versatility. It harmonizes perfectly with every type of hair texture including the relaxed and natural ones.

Normally, Peruvian hair combines the features of Indian hair and Brazilian hair. The silkiness of Indian hair and the coarseness of Brazilian hair blended to achieve a bouncy beauty.

3. Virgin Malaysian Hair

Malaysian hair is often airy, thick, and soft. It is best suited for girls with a relaxed texture and silky hair. It is easy to handle and has its shine.

Malaysian hair weighs more than Indian hair. It is also softer, thicker, and silkier. A perfect blend is achieved when used with a relaxed texture. The hair comes in various textures, it could be curly, straight, or wavy.

4. Virgin Indian Hair

Indian hair is the thickest of them all. It is most suitable for women with natural hair. Like Malaysian hair, Indian hair also comes in various styles; wavy, straight, and tight curly.

One of the major advantages of owning Indian curly hair is easy maintenance. With just the right amount of leave-in conditioner, you are good to go. Additionally, with Indian hair, curling and styling are made easy.


Just like you have seen above, there are a variety of choices in the industry. If you are not yet sure which weave would fit you best, then the chances are you will have to go through the trial and error process.

But remember the cheapest hair is the hardest. Cheap hairs tangle, they shed and itch making you uncomfortable each time you wear them.

Hence it is very inadvisable to go for cheap hair when you want to make a purchase. Remember if the price is too good to be true, then it probably isn't true

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